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WUDE 2023

Creative Team:
Choreographers: Monica Newsam, Dawn Karlovsky, Prince Lyons, Haley Rhiney, Michael Uthoff, Maggi Dueker, Fiona Lundie, Benjamin Roach
Artistic Director: Xi Zhao
Chair of the Department of Dance: Maggi Dueker
Director of Music: April Mok
Costume Coordinator: Nina Reed
Graphic Designer: Donna Franquemont
Production Stage Manager: Sarah Holland
Assistant Stage Managers: Cecile “Cece” Entz, Sammie Haas, Ash Neece
Lighting Designer: Greyson Norris
Assistant Lighting Designer: Spencer Roe-Weaver
Head Electrician: Audrey Wubbena
Programmer: Erin Riley
Sound Designer: Katelyn Gillette
Sound Engineer: Lou Ritter
Technical Director: Victoria Esquivel

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