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Into The Woods

Creative Team:
Director: Robert Quinlan
Assistant Director: Sara Rae
Artistic Director: Rebekah Scallet
Music Director: Larry Pry
Choreographer: Ellen Isom
Production Stage Manager: Emily Fluchel
Assistant Stage Managers: Cecile “Cece” Entz
Costume Designer: Michele Friedman Siler
Lighting Designer: Jayson Lawshee
Sound Designer: Amanda Werre
Technical Director: Laura Skroska
Assistant Technical Director: Patrice Nelms
Master Electrician: Tony Anselmo
Props Supervisor: Katie Orr
Sound Mixer: Jacob Baxley
Board Op: Emma Glose
Production Assistant: Nathan Wright
Paint Charge: Cameron Tesson
Stitcher: Chrissie Watkins
Wardrobe: Abby Pastorello
Box Office Manager: Hannah Ryan
House Manager: Anna Schultz
Production Manager: Sean Seifert

Cinderella’s Prince & Milky White: Matt Billings
Baker’s Wife & Cinderella’s Mother: Molly Wennstrom
Jack & Steward: Matthew Cox
Rapunzel’s Prince & Lucinda: Kevin Corpuz
Witch: Sarah Gene Dowling
Little Red: Aliyah Jacobs
Wolf, Mysterious Man & Stepmother: Phil Leveling
Cinderella & Granny : Kristen Joy Lintvedt
Baker: Kevin O'Brien
Jack’s Mom & Cinderella’s Father: Victoria Pines
Rapunzel & Florinda: Sarah Wilkinson

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